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About Me

During and after finishing my Bachelors degree in Media Informatics from University of Vienna, I worked at Compax focusing on Java development and database migrations for large scale systems of for german telecommunication companies. The work there was cut short after a few months, which led to me taking a break and travelling.

My next work opportunity arose at Raiffeisen Software where I was part of their trainee-program and consequently part of the cross cutting concerns and API Team. During my time there I took on different responsibilities, from implementing JavaEE services, to contributing to internal frameworks and architectural initiatives, to proposing the redesign of the company website and being a part of the commitee to run the yearly developer conference RSG DevCon.

After that I have been focusing on my new company: zackplan. We try to innovate the real estate marketing business by using a cutting edge approach to visualize floorplans. Using machine learning and different image recognition techniques, we analyze pictures of floorplans, to generate 3D and VR visualizations of flats. There, I brought in my expertise in distributed systems design, data science as well as DevOps. During the two years I also became very proficient in working with Blender as well as Blender’s Python API.

After two very succesful years, in which we where able to fulfill a lot of our goals, with the help of great customers and some public grants, I decided to look for different opportunities and focus on finishing my Master’s deegree.

Currently I am working on my master thesis in cooperation with sea.ai.